The Kenya Socialist is a progressive publication by Vita Books in conjuction with Ukombozi Library

Our mission is to encourage a free flow of information, knowledge and discussion which can lead to a better understanding of socialism.

The Kenya Socialist seeks to:

• Promote socialist ideas, experiences and world outlook
• Increase awareness of classes, class contradictions and class struggles in Kenya, both historical and current
• Expose the damage done by capitalism and imperialism in Kenya and Africa
• Offer solidarity to working class, peasants and other working people and communities in their struggles for
equality and justice
• Promote internationalism and work in solidarity with people in Africa and around the world in their resistance
to imperialism
• Make explicit the politics of information and communication as tools of repression and also of resistance in


Editorial Committee


Shirazz Durani – Editor

Kimani Waweru – Editor

Bill David – Author

Ezra Otieno – Author

Kinuthia Ndung’u – Author

Lenana Anyuolo – Author

Nicholas Mwangi – Author

Njoki Wamai – Author

Sobukwe Shukura – Author

Wairimu Gathimba – Author

Zahid Rajan – Author

Zarina Patel – Author


Calls for Submission

The Kenya Socialist welcomes submission of relevant articles (normally up to 5,000 words) – send to The Editors at info.vitabkske@gmail.com. The submissions will be reviewed and the Editors reserve the right not to publish.

The Kenya Socialist is published by Vita Books, in conjunction with Ukombozi Library Nairobi, Kenya.