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The 59th African Liberation Day

Every year on May 25, the world commemorates African Liberation Day (ALD). ALD was first established by Kwame Nkrumah in 1958 during the first Convention of Independent States in Accra, Ghana. It was declared that the 15th of April would be designated as ‘African...

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The Ukombozi Library

Vita Books, Mau Mau Research Centre and Mwakenya founded the Ukombozi Library in August 2017 to provide progressive literature, especially on socialism. The library has received valuable items from the progressive community in Kenya and overseas including the...

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Introducing Otsieno Godrick, our Translator The following article on the history of Kenya has been translated by Otsieno Godrick. This issue carries the first article by Godrick. Future issues will carry more. Otsieno translated the first article, Uhuru na Ukoloni...

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