In Memory of Makhan Singh

The Kenya Trade Union Study Initiative (KenTU) was set up by Vita Books (VB) and Ukombozi Library (UL) in 2022 following their sponsorship of Kenyan activists in the online course, Trade Unions, Class and Power run by the Marx Memorial Library Education Committee. KenTU has been set up in memory of Makhan Singh who led one of the strongest trade union movements in Africa. It aims to increase awareness of trade unionists and activists about the history of trade union movement and to support the struggles of working class in Kenya. 

KenTU hopes to develop a partnership with Marx Memorial Library in developing and running on-lines courses on the theory and practice of trade unionism and class struggles, with particular reference to Kenya. VB and UL will support the Initiative by sponsoring trade unionists and activists to participate in the course. They will also support the Initiative by publishing and disseminating relevant trade union literature and by developing a Trade Union Resource Centre at Ukombozi Library for use by course participants and trade unionists in Kenya. A support group, consisting of participants in the courses run by the Marx Memorial Library, is being set up to advice on the content of the proposed courses and to establish links with trade unionists and activists. The Initiative is a pilot project to assess the need for, and the viability of, such a programme.